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TG: ok then do it
TT: But you have to promise to stay put.
TT: Don't try to stop me. Just let it go.
TG: but this was my mission
TT: It really makes no sense for you to go. This was never your preoccupation.
TT: They selected me a long time ago.
TG: that doesnt make sense
TG: why would they drag me into it just to have me make a map and then let you ditch me
TG: theyve obviously been gunning for me too
TT: Yes, they helped you chart a path through the Ring. And they will open that path for a pilot they have marked.
TT: I believe I fit the description. I'm not sure about you.
TG: why do you think that
TT: I am the pilot. That's all there is to say on the matter.
TG: but i dont want you to die
TT: Help John and Jade.
TG: this isnt right
TT: Then I'm not going to help you wake you up.
TT: I'll stall some more.
TG: so you admit you were stalling with all that bullshit
TT: I said not entirely.
TG: what do you mean
TT: It's going to be a long ride through all this nothingness.
TT: Maybe I just thought some company would be nice.
TT: Before it's all over.
TG: ............
TT: So what'll it be?
TG: what
TT: I'll wake you, but only if you promise to rejoin the others.
TT: Could you give a message to John for me?
TG: sure
TG: but
TG: if im promising not to chase you down then theres not really any hurry to wake up
TT: Aw, are you sure?
TT: I was looking forward to bowling another wicked googly with the yarn.
TT: Sportsways.
TG: nah ill stay asleep a while
TT: Ok.
TG: what did you want me to tell john
TT: What was that?
TG: what
TT: Did you hear something?
TG: no what
TT: I thought I heard something outside.

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