DAVESPRITE: i busted into his palace
DAVESPRITE: to finish the quest
DAVESPRITE: i was expecting him to be asleep and was gonna figure out some way to wake him up
DAVESPRITE: but like last time i saw him
DAVESPRITE: he was already awake to greet me
JADESPRITE: but i thought the denizens were supposed to be asleep?
JADESPRITE: at least until you do the right things on your quest...
DAVESPRITE: they are
DAVESPRITE: as sprites were programmed to know things like that about the game
DAVESPRITE: but i guess not everything
DAVESPRITE: it seems like if you try to go fight them too soon
DAVESPRITE: you find them awake and theyre like
DAVESPRITE: what the fuck are you doing here already
DAVESPRITE: which is what happened last time i saw him
DAVESPRITE: before i became a sprite
DAVESPRITE: and i stupidly tried to fight him which was a bad idea because hes hella strong
DAVESPRITE: and the whole time he was raving about shit
DAVESPRITE: about a stolen sword and missing forge
DAVESPRITE: but i wasnt really listening
DAVESPRITE: if i had i might have understood
DAVESPRITE: he wasnt actually trying to kill me he was giving me the choice
JADESPRITE: what choice
DAVESPRITE: wait i mean The Choice
DAVESPRITE: i always forget i can talk underlined for important shit
JADESPRITE: what did you choose?
DAVESPRITE: i guess i made an unwitting choice
DAVESPRITE: by deciding to flee
DAVESPRITE: i figured he was unbeatable so i decided to get the fuck out of there
DAVESPRITE: so i snapped a quick captcha to get his huge hammers code and then gtfo
JADESPRITE: what happened when you saw him this time?
DAVESPRITE: like i said he was awake again
DAVESPRITE: but this time i wasnt in any condition to fight
DAVESPRITE: so i didnt
DAVESPRITE: and thats what i didnt get
DAVESPRITE: hes this terrible angry monstrous guy but theres no need to fight him
DAVESPRITE: so he looked me up and down all hard
DAVESPRITE: saw the broken sword
DAVESPRITE: and like before gave me the choice
JADESPRITE: you mean Choice!
JADESPRITE: hehehe :p
JADESPRITE: so it was the same choice?

> [o] ==>