EB: i remember now.
EB: i was tricked by a troll into flying up to the last gate, using this rocket pack.
EB: she said i could take a shortcut and go kill my denizen while he was sleeping.
EB: it...
EB: did not quite work out that way.
AG: This sounds like Terezi's handiwork.
EB: i don't know. she didn't tell me her name.
EB: she was a blind troll. she made me this incredibly shitty map for me to follow!
AG: Yep. That's her.
AG: I guess she got 8oth of us then. Un8elieva8le.
EB: she tricked you too?
AG: Yes.
AG: Well, not tricked, so much as made a pointless coin flip and sta88ed me in the 8ack.
EB: wow. that's pretty cold blooded!
AG: Oh, sure. She was easily the most underhanded and villainous mem8er of our group.
AG: 8ut I did let my guard down. And even when she sta88ed me, I sure didn't think I was going to die.
EB: why not?
AG: It turns out immortality isn't all it's cracked up to 8e. Let's leave it at that.
EB: hmm...
EB: so i guess you never got around to giving me immortality like you said? or killing me, for that matter.
EB: sounds like the blind troll beat you to it.
AG: No, I did! 8ut........
AG: Ugh, this will 8e hard to explain to you.
EB: explain what?
AG: Haha. I guess in her own sick way, she actually set us up on this d8 together.
AG: May8e I should thank her whenever she falls asleep? Or dies, god for8id.
EB: so...
EB: now it is a date?
AG: I don't know.
AG: I said it wouldn't 8e unless you remem8ered. And now you remem8er.
AG: 8ut you still don't remem8er me, do you?
EB: nope.
AG: Yeah, thought so.
AG: This version of you died 8efore I started messing with you. Not that I expect you to understand what that means.
EB: no, i get that.
EB: if i had decided not to take the shortcut, i would have lived. and then you would have talked to me a lot?
AG: Yes, that's right.
AG: I guess I should have learned to give you more credit 8y now.
EB: well, i might not have figured that out, if not for...
EB: some things that just happened.
AG: I still can't 8elieve I'm meeting a version of you that doesn't remem8er a thing a8out me. None of my gr8 exploits, or any of the ways I helped you. Only that one stupid time I taunted you!
AG: It's a vaguely frustr8ing feeling.
EB: sorry... not sure what to tell you!
AG: So you remem8er literally nothing I told you a8out myself? Not even the, uh........
AG: Compromising stuff?
EB: well, you did just show me around your planet. which was really cool!
EB: ... there's compromising stuff?
AG: Your species would think so. 8ut I guess it doesn't matter anymore.
EB: i guess not.
EB: but who says we can't get to know each other again?
AG: You wouldn't find that 8oring?
EB: no way! not if you wouldn't.
EB: you said the name of the blind troll who killed us, but you have not told me yours yet.
AG: I haven't?
EB: no.
AG: ........
AG: It's Vriska.
EB: nice to meet you, vriska.
EB: i am john! even though you know that.
AG: Yes.
EB: so now what do we do? aside from be dead for probably ever.
AG: Man, I don't know.
AG: May8e,
AG: You could tell me a8out how you died?
AG: What were the "things that just happened" you were talking a8out?

> [o] ==>