fedorafreak: eureka.
fedorafreak: stand by for clarification re: enthusiastic outburst.
fedorafreak: yes. it is as hoped for beyond hope.
fedorafreak: unusual devices may be used to duplicate fresh, perfectly pressed garments. inexhaustibly, afaik.
fedorafreak: reconstructing complete professional ensemble now - hold.
fedorafreak: pleased to report restoration of dapper visage an overwhelming success.
fedorafreak: alas, devices appear to hold no such promise for departed family members, misplaced hand-held steam press.
fedorafreak: update on device utility - combinative apparel synthesis presents intriguing possibilities.
fedorafreak: now combining expensive leather pipe tobacco sleeve with handsome, gray fedora.
fedorafreak: to document result shortly.
fedorafreak: resulted in hat w/ outlandish and frivolous appearance.
fedorafreak: do not care for; shall discard immediately.
fedorafreak: combination of pant, fine cotton shirt even more disappointing.
fedorafreak: yielded useless, excessively tall pant; relieveing from wardrobe at once.
fedorafreak: made unwelcome determination. production requires expense of glittering abstractions called grist.
fedorafreak: such jewels remaining in cache, libation in reserve, at premium.
fedorafreak: consumed final swallow of carefully rationed urine. soon to seek water elsewhere in exotic new surroundings.
fedorafreak: more importantly, to seek grist facilitating continued accessorizing.
fedorafreak: note to self: use spoils to make more hats.
fedorafreak: preparing for expedition to reap gems from mischievous local fauna.
fedorafreak: crafted sturdy bludgeoning instrument out of uprooted mailbox.
fedorafreak: tall pant perhaps adaptable as defensive garment.
fedorafreak: pardon while donning tall pant.
fedorafreak: donned tall pant.
fedorafreak: confidence in martial prowess perplexingly swells.
fedorafreak: venturing out; powering down gray, serviceable hand-held computing device to preserve battery.
fedorafreak: additional updates to be submitted in a frank and forthright manner for judicious appraisal within a reasonable timeframe.
fedorafreak: tia for patience.

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