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fedorafreak: turning on hand-held device for brief report.
fedorafreak: severe injury sustained in skirmish with undersized, sportive rascal.
fedorafreak: tall pant unremarkable in protective utility. damaged; badly bloodied.
fedorafreak: no indication of laundering facilities throughout enchanted land whatsoever.
fedorafreak: losing fluid rapidly. maintaining adequate hydration levels more important than ever.
fedorafreak: libations unfortunately not forthcoming.
fedorafreak: rest needed.
fedorafreak: seeking surface suitable for assuming reclined posture.
fedorafreak: strength depleting. tie loosened, removed, rolled up neatly and tucked beneath hat.
fedorafreak: minimal stamina left for disrobing sodden tall pant. leaving on.
fedorafreak: encountered rest surface.
fedorafreak: horizontal stone slab exhibiting unidentified iconography.
fedorafreak: a tall post at each corner.
fedorafreak: mysteriously inviting.
fedorafreak: mounting slab. exhaustion taking hold.
pipefan413: Excuse me, sir!
fedorafreak: @pipefan413, friend.
fedorafreak: @pipefan413, sound of voice nearly refreshing enough to distract from perpetual taste of warm, poorly filtered urine.
pipefan413: Oh my, no. I am not actually your friend, dear.
pipefan413: I am his mother! Hoo hoo hoo.
fedorafreak: another of @pipefan413's legendary pranks? pl clarify.
fedorafreak: if y; prepared to regard as hilarious.
pipefan413: Were that it was. I'm sorry to say there is no chicanery in play at all today.
pipefan413: Though yes, that WOULD be quite the doozy. I believe the late, great Colonel would surely say we were cooking with petrol upon hearing such a whopper.
pipefan413: No, I am just an old woman looking for her son.
fedorafreak: understood, madame.
pipefan413: You remind me of him so. Would you mind terribly if I talked to you for a little while?
pipefan413: I am fearing the worst for my son, while my grandson has gone off to do great things. I've caught myself feeling a bit lonely, hoo.
fedorafreak: can imagine no greater pleasure.
fedorafreak: though, eyelids heavy.
fedorafreak: getting dark; feeling in extremities, fading.
pipefan413: Oh, but you must be exhausted from your travels! You poor thing.
pipefan413: Why don't you just lie there and rest? I will tell you a story.
fedorafreak: @pipefan413's kindly mother: ty
pipefan413: It is a fairy tale about a young sister and brother who were raised by a wicked witch!

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