[o] ==>

AA: i am waiting for friends to arrive
AA: they will need my help
TA: what friends?
TA: m0re ghosts?
AA: no theyre alive
AA: first
AA: there will be two humans
AA: they should be joining us any minute
TA: first?
TA: then what?
AA: then rest of our party
AA: the survivors
TA: 0h
TA: so then, we made it 0ut here alright.
AA: yes
AA: well
AA: they made it
AA: your body will arrive with them
AA: along with the others
AA: hey maybe we can have a funeral!
TA: whats a funeral?
AA: kind of like
AA: a big corpse party
AA: the humans could probably explain it better than me
TA: ok, c0ol.

> [o] ==>