Jane: Answer.

uranianUmbra [UU] began cheering gutsyGumshoe [GG] at 11:17

UU: good morning, lovely. ^u^
GG: Why, hellooooooo.
UU: so i gUess today is finally the day yoU make everything better.
GG: :B!
UU: it is the day whereafter the legendary octet of mUtUal progenitoriety will come together and heal a great breach in paradox space.
UU: a day delivered throUgh eighty billion years and foUr distinct Universal instances worth of Unfathomable tUrbUlence.
UU: and while the emerald eye of this storm is fixed in the abyss forever
UU: today yoU are poised to escape its scowl once and for all.
UU: by skaias gUiding light, yoU may leave behind its tUrning arms of bright coloUrs and mayhem, and secUre peace for yoUr cosmic progeny for all dUration.
UU: and if yoU are to meet this departUre with trepidation i woUld Understand! bUt also i woUld ask
UU: is there nothing i can do to ease yoUr mind?
GG: Gosh! So formal today.
UU: yes. u_u;
UU: i'm afraid i am gUilty of rehearsing this pep talk well in advance.
UU: i thoUght yoU deserved a proper sendoff.
GG: D'aww.
UU: well then?
UU: is there nothing i can do?
UU: it was a serioUs qUestion. :u
GG: You needn't worry about easing my nerves.
GG: If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be nearly as thrilled about today as I am!
UU: splendid! ^u^
UU: bUt remember i will be here to help, whilst refraining from caUsal spoilers to the best of my ability.
GG: That is reassuring!
UU: have yoU corresponded with yoUr first designated co-player yet?
GG: No, I haven't seen her online yet today.
GG: I'm really hoping Lalonde won't flake out on me this time. Have you heard from her?
UU: not the today that is local to yoU.
UU: thoUgh i do have a wee bit more troUble monitoring her than the rest of yoU. cUrioUs dark patches in transmission, hUmph.
UU: still, i woUldn't fret over it. she is as good a chUm as any yoU have and shoUld come throUgh Ultimately, even if things seem dire.
GG: If you say so.
GG: Oh!
GG: I wanted to tell you, I had an amazing dream last night!
UU: blimey! :U
GG: I believe it may have been of the sort you described. A dream of awakening, presuming I haven't just flatout lost my marbles.
UU: indeed, im sUre it was. i knew yoU woUld wake Up soon!
UU: might yoU describe what yoU saw?
GG: I was in a bright gold city. Above was a brilliant blue sky, but the horizon was dark as night.
GG: Was this the place you told me about? What was it called...
GG: Ah, shucks, does this count as a "causal spoiler?"
UU: not at all! that is a simple detail aboUt the realm yoU are aboUt to explore, withoUt directly involving yoUr fUtUre decisions of conseqUence.
UU: the place yoU visited was called prospit. it is where i have woken Up every time i have gone to sleep for most of my life.
GG: I didn't see you there. At least, I don't think I did!
UU: no, yoU woUldnt have.
UU: my prospit is an alternate version from yoUrs, in a completely different session qUite far afield of yoUr reality.
UU: if we are ever to meet in person, it is Unlikely to be while playing oUr respective games!
GG: Ok then.
GG: I mentioned this briefly to Jake, and he didn't have much to say before we parted ways.
GG: I will gather that if this is all true, then it means Jake had not awoken yet?
UU: i think this is for yoU to determine in time. what is yoUr hUnch?
GG: I don't know.
GG: But there was one thing about the dream that was very troubling.
GG: I'm becoming nervous to consider what it might mean.
UU: Understandable. bUt it will be important to practice patience today.
UU: yoU have a long road ahead of yoU, and many qUestions will be answered in time.
UU: bUt we can talk it over later. now, we both have games to prepare for!
UU: i know yoU coUld never fUlly appreciate what this actUally meant, bUt i took mUch care to sync Up these conversations with yoU on the same day that i begin playing as well.
UU: that way, we can joUrney throUgh oUr sessions together and compare notes! :u
GG: Hrm. I'm still not sure I appreciate what that means, but I appreciate that a nice gesture has been made if you say so!
GG: I guess I should just start believing all of this now, huh? Rather than learning it to be true later and feeling the fool for all my curmudgeonly skepticism?
UU: ~_u
GG: For starters, I guess I could drop my reservations about your story?
UU: will yoU :U!!!
GG: I can write off much to tomfoolery as I'm no stranger to a good prank myself. But quite honestly you seem too kind for this charade. Not the type I'd expect to trot out such persistent falsehoods beyond their humorous welcome.
GG: So what do I know! Consarn it, maybe you are an alien girl from Uranus, and together we are about to play a game which determines the fate of existence. Sign me up!
UU: oh, hee hee! bUt i never claimed to be from that planet, which is only in the far reaches of yoUr solar system.
UU: in fact i am from mUch farther away. a different Universe altogether.
UU: bUt if yoU trUly mean it, thank yoU for believing me!
UU: now, jane my lovely, let Us prepare for this adventUre.
UU: remember what i said aboUt the need for patience.
UU: patience with yoUr friends.
UU: patience for yoUr growth as a hero of life.
UU: and patience for the coming of the other foUr of legend.
UU: a hero of breath and of light and of time and of space!
UU: and if yoU still find yoUrself in doUbt
UU: jUst check the inscription on that big old book downstairs.
UU: after all, if yoU cant trUst words written by yoUr own hand
UU: then what Use is trUst at all? ^u^
UU: <kisses!>
uranianUmbra [UU] ceased cheering gutsyGumshoe [GG]

> Jane: Ok, back to the chest.