Jake: Answer.

uranianUmbra [UU] began cheering golgothasTerror [GT] at 5:45

UU: hello there, darling. ~3u
GT: Ahoy madame!
UU: i dont relish troUbling yoU with more arm twisting.
UU: im sUre for all ive done so far yoUve had a jolly good workoUt already :u
UU: bUt yoU will be ready to deliver the package today, yes?
GT: Im determined as ever to see this through. But as usual events have conspired to make a boondoggle of the prospect.
GT: I think i might be fucked.
UU: :U
UU: how so???
GT: Terry needs fuel and i dont have any left. I think im at striders dubious mercy for a solution YET AGAIN.
GT: I will have to ask him for help. And soon.
UU: well there yoU go, love! better hop to it.
GT: Yes i will.
GT: But also...
GT: Theres the matter of the rabbits armaments.
GT: I dont imagine hell do a lot of friggin good in helping grandfather crocker from kicking the old bucket without them.
GT: Did you not say youd supply these?
UU: i did indeed say so!
UU: and have already done.
GT: You did??
GT: When?
UU: in yoUr fUtUre.
UU: i relayed the information enabling yoU to create the powerfUl weaponry yoUrself.
UU: and yoU did!
UU: yoU then sent them back in time. yoU may recover them in the rUins, which conveniently is where yoU mUst go to ship the package once and for all.
UU: bangUp plan we hatched, dont yoU fancy? ^u^
GT: I see...
GT: Yes it sure is if that is the case.
GT: Then all thats left to do is find power for it...
GT: Oh and also enough power for the stupid transmateriabob. Augh!
GT: So much to do before shuttling this goddamn thing into the past.
GT: I mean...
GT: That is what im doing right? Giving it to my grandma when she was a kid growing up on the same island i did?
UU: that is somewhat close to the trUth, and i can see how yoU woUld draw that conclUsion.
UU: bUt theres more to it yoU dont Understand yet! yoU will sort it all oUt in time.
GT: These are among the dadblasted causal spoilers you refuse to dish out?
UU: somewhat.
UU: it woUldnt hUrt yoU mUch to know the trUth, i imagine.
UU: its jUst the trUth is a wee bit complicated.
UU: perhaps a draft of the cascading seqUence from which yoUr reality has arisen will pUt yoUr mind at ease.
UU: imagine two Universes, A and B.
UU: now imagine there are two instances of each Universe, A1 and A2 and B1 and B2.
UU: the first instance of each is like a test rUn, that does not qUite sUcceed.
UU: the second instance thoUgh will meet all of its pUrposes!
UU: now consider that A1 begets A2.
UU: A2 begets B1.
UU: and B1 begets B2.
UU: and the participants of B2 are the ones who will make an effort to exit all this tUrbUlence and falderal.
UU: yoU are one of them! :U
UU: and yoUr yoUng ancestor is another, thoUgh she is "presently" stationed in B1.
UU: and yes she is in the past.
UU: thoUgh not qUite as far as yoU believe!
UU: nor does she occUpy the same stream of continUity.
GT: Im not sure i completely followed that but ok.
UU: thats the best i can do for now. u_u
UU: primarily becaUse i will not risk wasting mUch more of yoUr time!
GT: So you are still in contention that i will meet our elders as youths?
UU: oh yes! ^u^
GT: Ah ha! Then i WILL be traveling through time. I knew it.
GT: Or... they will be. Whichever it is.
GT: Which is it, btw?
UU: caUsal spoilers, sir english!
GT: Fffff.
UU: given the natUre of the qUest waiting for yoU, it woUldnt be shrewd of me to rUle oUt the employment of time travel by any individUal.
UU: bUt i will say that yoUre probably prey to a basic misapprehension aboUt the natUre of this rendezvoUs.
UU: it will not take place on earth.
UU: it will happen inside the game yoUre aboUt to play!
GT: Oh.
GT: Well shit!
UU: indeed. :u
GT: This is frightfully exciting. I would love to meet them.
GT: I never got to know my grandma very well and it always seemed like she led an amazing and adventurous life.
GT: Then this seemed to be proven true in my correspondence with her. So im really looking forward to it.
UU: so trUe. id pay a hefty ransom to get to know my forebears.
GT: I remember you mentioned your race doesnt really jive with ours familially speaking?
UU: correct. i never knew those who one woUld identify as my parental eqUivalents. U_U
UU: it is in the way my race propagates. oUr ancestors precede Us by millenia.
GT: Well yes ours do too. But generally we have all these other people in between them and the most recent ones are called parents.
GT: so i guess you do not have those? Like systemically?
UU: nope! never did.
GT: well neither did i!!!
UU: ^u^
GT: Miss alien i think we are like birds of a feather you and i.
GT: When do i get to learn your name by the way?
UU: hm trUthfUlly?
UU: it may be for the best that yoU never know it.
UU: it coUld stir Up some things best left in their present eqUilibriUm.
UU: and now i think i shoUld bollocks off and leave yoU to it!
GT: But...
GT: Wait!
GT: There are still some things id like to know!
GT: About today! About this game!
UU: no more procrastinating!
UU: contact yoUr friend, darling.
GT: Yes fine fine ok i will but...
GT: Just please tell me in the least causally spoilery way possible...
GT: What are we even trying to accomplish here? What is even the rootin tootin POINT of this game?
UU: i think yoU will have more fUn than yoU can imagine finding oUt.
UU: bUt stated concisely, and short of spoilerly as yoU so charmingly pUt it,
UU: yoUr objective today is to pave the way for the arrival of gods.
UU: <kisses!>
uranianUmbra [UU] ceased cheering golgothasTerror [GT]

> Jake: Unearth more computers.