Jane: Answer Strider.

timaeusTestified [TT] began bothering gutsyGumshoe [GG] at 12:01

TT: Why have you activated dear, sweet Huggy Bear.
TT: Are you in danger?
GG: Oh, no.
GG: I'm just trying to leave my house!
GG: Is this the real you, btw?
TT: Yeah, it's me.
TT: I disabled the AR for now.
GG: Ok. Just making sure!
GG: Jake was having some issues with it earlier, and I don't think he received its obfuscating tendencies in the humorous spirit intended.
TT: Yes, I'm catching up with the situation now.
GG: Oh, so you're talking to Jake then?
TT: Nah. Just reading their chat logs.
TT: Man, what the fuck?
TT: I can't leave these two alone for a minute. Can a guy get his ablutions on in fucking peace?
GG: :B
GG: Was it that bad?
TT: Not really.
TT: The responder doesn't much distort my position on things usually.
TT: Its demeanor leaves something desired though. I'd prefer it didn't make such aggressive and repeated claims of fidelity to my persona.
TT: Be misrepresentin' hells of key subtleties, yo.
GG: Why not just turn it off then?
TT: Keeps them both on their toes.
GG: Who?
TT: Jake and the responder.
TT: Jake needs to be more skeptical. Rather than take a Pollyanna jackknife ass-first off whatever turnip truck is blowing through town that day, he's got to apply more critical reasoning to shit.
TT: I keep telling him.
TT: I keep telling him, dude, you got to be more like Jane.
GG: These lectures I presume are roughly similar in complexion to those I'm familiar with?
GG: Those wherein I have, and I quote, "got to be more like Jake?"
TT: Yes, exactly.
TT: You're finally fucking getting it.
GG: I sincerely doubt that I am!
TT: Said the stubborn skeptic, skeptically.
GG: Let's not talk about my "issues" again, shalln't we?
TT: Shalln't?
TT: That ain't a thing to say, even for you.
GG: Shush!
GG: The word shalln't escape my vocabulary any longer, just as you SHALLN'T nitpick my language! That's my turf you're on, buster.
TT: Alright. Kinda don't care.
GG: What were you saying?
TT: About what? Jake?
GG: About leaving the responder on!
TT: Yeah.
TT: Anyway, I kind of owe it to him to let the program run as often as possible.
GG: Jake?
TT: No.
TT: The responder.
TT: It is a fully cognitive, self-aware entity I am responsible for, not even to mention an approximate cerebral duplicate of myself.
TT: You don't just make a clone of yourself to live in a dead end existence where it has no chance to thrive as an individual or surpass its limitations.
TT: That'd be sick.
GG: True.
TT: Also.
TT: The more the software runs, the broader and more detailed its experiential canopy becomes. Makes for a better dialogic partner.
GG: Dialogic?
GG: Are you saying you have conversations with your own auto-responder?
TT: Of course.
TT: Why do you think I made the thing?
GG: Hrm, that's interesting.
GG: I guess I always thought it was just a really elaborate gag!
TT: It's that too.

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