GG: Tempting, but that rain check will have to stay unendorsed for now.
GG: Lil' Seb is beginning to act out, and I must put his fidgetiness to constructive use!
TT: Cool.
TT: Jane, one more thing.
TT: I'm sure you must be aware by now that you'll be the leader of our group, as you will be the first to enter the session.
GG: Um, no?
GG: This is news to me. I never gathered that "team leader" was a thing for this game.
TT: Trust me. It's a thing.
GG: Are you sure? I have my doubts.
GG: I believe as a group we will have the temerity to succeed, without my having to order people around like an insufferable bossypants.
TT: That's why you're our leader, Jane.
GG: Hm?
TT: Optimism through stalwart skepticism is an affect not everyone is plucky enough to be graced with.
GG: That's stupid!
TT: Yeah yeah. I know.
TT: You're not our leader, you're our FRIEND, right?
GG: Precisely!
GG: There is a BIG difference!
TT: And statements like that are also why you're our leader.
TT: But only in name and in spirit. Less so, functionally.
TT: If it puts your mind at ease, I'll be the one pulling the strings here.
GG: Oh yes?
GG: Then this whole affair will be one of D. Strider's grand productions in puppetry?
TT: I will be the unseen hand whose nimble digits are behind every subtle twitch in our session's bulbous foam ass.
TT: At least those gyrations not happening by the volition of its own quivering absorbant proboscis.
TT: If you ever need help, Jane. If you're ever in any trouble at all, let me know. Just say the word.
TT: I'll whip the toggle stick of this ludicrous marionette, cavorting its humongous bottom to intercept your freefall through the abyss.
TT: Snowcone you up in the fluffy crook of its cleft. Don't be alarmed if you're in no hurry to unpry yourself.
TT: For the great jut of this impudent rump has more yield to your touch than you ever dreamt. Remember to catch your breath as it cherishes the imprint of your hand like a memento from a lover gone to war.
TT: There's a lot of give to that ass, you may say.
TT: Might like to settle in. Make myself comfortable. Start a family.
TT: Bounce a coin off that ass, you'll demand of visitors. It's not going anywhere.
TT: Bet that coin'll take a good nap there.
TT: It's a gamble you win every goddamn time.
TT: Yeah.
GG: These lessons we talked about...
GG: They've already begun, haven't they? :o
TT: Jane, soon you'll believe what I've told you.
TT: You'll believe it all.
TT: It's just a shame that believing will take something so coarse as seeing, for a girl as sharp as you.
TT: Critical thought can lead one to accept the unlikely, just as much as dismiss the impossible.
TT: I can help with this too. Would you like me to program a Jane Crocker responder for you?
TT: I only require a simple captcha of your brain.
GG: Holy moly!
GG: Um, thank you, but no.
GG: I'm not ready to get dialogic with my cyberself just yet. My friends keep me busy enough as it is.
GG: Speaking of which, I really need to go. I know you love to talk my ear off, and it's always a treat, but let's catch up later after the game starts, ok?
GG: And if I do need your help, I promise I'll take you up on your offer!
TT: I made several. Which one?
GG: The one where you, hopefully not literally, offered to catch me in the crevice of a great big squishy butt! Hoo hoo hoo!
GG: Gtg!!! <3
gutsyGumshoe [GG] ceased bothering timaeusTestified [TT]

> Jane: Command Sebastian to lift fridge.