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JADE: its through the other wall!
JOHN: you mean that one way over there?
JADE: yes
JOHN: ok...
JOHN: so is this place like that yellow lawn ring thing karkat was talking about?
JADE: no, not lawn ring!
JADE: thats a silly troll word
JADE: its the yellow yard
JADE: we have to cross it to break through the next wall
JOHN: how is this a yellow yard?
JOHN: that's a stupid name for this place!
JADE: see that long yellow band down there, stretching between the two walls?
JADE: i think thats supposed to be the yard
JOHN: thats not a yard.
JOHN: yards are like these flat wide patches of grass, surrounded by fences and stuff.
JOHN: if anything, it's more like a road.
JADE: hmmm
JADE: yeah i think youre right
JADE: kinda like the yellow brick road?
JOHN: sure, why not!
JOHN: let's all go see a big pompous wizard to solve all of our problems.
JOHN: i bet rose would get a kick out of that.
JADE: hehe
JOHN: oh yeah.
JOHN: and another thing...

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