GG: hi happy birthday rose!!! <3
TT: Hello, and thanks.
GG: did you get johns present yet?
TT: I just opened it this very moment. What a stunning coincidence you would ask about it now. I am stunned.
GG: yeah i know!!
GG: what will you make with it?
TT: And who said it was something from which something else could be made?
GG: well john did tell me what it was duh.....
TT: I suppose I'll take a stab at learning the craft.
TT: It's the least I can do in response to the subtle dig concealed in his gesture.
TT: He often tells me I "need a new hobby" when I make perfectly reasonable analytical remarks.
GG: oh but rose i dont think he meant anything like that by it!!
GG: you see not everybody always means the opposite of what they say the way you and dave always do
TT: Maybe.
TT: His birthday is in a few months, isn't it?
GG: yep!
GG: i finally finished a present for him
GG: ive been working on it for years!!!!
TT: Years?
TT: It's so hard to tell when you're joking.
TT: Or if you're even capable of it.
GG: heheheh.... :)
GG: i just mailed it too so it is sure to get there on time
GG: mail takes a while to get anywhere from here!!!
TT: I'll probably craft something with strong sentimental value.
TT: That should burn him.
GG: i dont think you really mean that!
TT: I guess not.
TT: So, shall I expect a green package dropped to my house via airmail from whatever screwball cranny of the globe you're tucked into?
GG: err.......
GG: no :(
GG: sorry but you are sort of hard shop for <_<
GG: besides i have something for you today that i think you will like better than some thing in a box!
TT: Oh?
GG: it is a tip!!!!
TT: This is already intriguing enough to compensate for the grave scarcity of lavish gifts parachuting from the sky. Please go on.
GG: did you have a pet a long time ago that died?
TT: Yes.
GG: ok well how did you feel about your cat, did you love him a lot?
TT: "ok well", I didn't mention it was a cat, or that it was a male. Let's pretend I'm surprised and you're embarrassed and move on.
TT: To answer your question, I would describe my feelings toward the animal as lukewarm.
GG: ummmmm ok....
GG: thats fine!!!
GG: it doesnt really matter i think, just.....
GG: what if someone told you you could play a game that would bring him back to life?
TT: If someone told me that, I would regard the remark with a great deal of skepticism.
TT: If that someone was you, on the other hand, then I would have to ask preemptively:
TT: Is that someone you?
GG: yes that someone is me!!!!!!!!
GG: i just thought you might find it interesting
TT: So what is this game?
GG: oh i dont know
GG: im just saying is all
GG: i think youll hear about it later and maybe you can talk to john and dave about it
GG: they are way more into all that stuff than i am!!!!
TT: I'll see what the word on the street is about it. In due time.
TT: For now I should probably order a copy of Knitting for Assholes. It would be a shame if I ran late with John's present.

> Dave: Get katana.