GG: I guess I should find all that ominous.
GG: But I cannot lie, sir.
GG: Nothing you have said has made me one iota less excited to begin this adventure!
GG: Those dastardly agents can try to assassinate me all they like. I just want to get started!
TT: That's the most awesome way to be, Jane.
TT: And it is again why you will be our leader.
TT: (Sort of.)
GG: Right.
GG: Still fixing to pull the strings for us, per your extensive puppet metaphor?
TT: Pulling them as we speak.
TT: I am having Lil Seb install a real copy of the client on another computer in your house.
TT: A clean computer, not any of this BCCorp garbage you tend to accumulate.
TT: I'll have to insist from this point onward, you employ neutral devices.
TT: That shit fucks with your head.
GG: Hrm.
GG: Alrighty, I think I can make that concession.
TT: Once it's installed, I'll connect with you. I will be your server player.
TT: I know this isn't what you were hoping for, but some improvisation is in order.
TT: While you get the ball rolling, I'll try to talk some sense into that mercurial boozehound.
GG: Sounds like a plan.
GG: I do hope she comes around. It would be a bummer to play without her.
TT: She will.
GG: Say, do I even have any machines that survived the explosion besides this one?
TT: Do you even have any machines that don't inundate you with fucking Hamburger Helper ads and Guy Fieri's heinous propaganda?
GG: I guess not. :p
GG: Still, some nice things were surely destroyed.
GG: I think Detective Pony was caught in the blast.
GG: It's unlikely Acorn survived. :'(
TT: A fitting end to a life of moral compromise.
GG: So, since I'm apparently out of "neutral devices,"
GG: Which computer is Seb installing the file on?
TT: On your dad's computer downstairs.
TT: One in the study.

> ==>