GG: Alrighty, I am in my father's study!
GG: I have kindly asked Mr. Sebastian to hand over the reins to this silly computer shaped like a man.
GG: What now?
TT: Now you have access to a clean computer, for one thing.
TT: Soon we can get started going through the steps necessary to launch the session.
TT: Oh hell.
GG: What?
TT: Another interruption.
TT: I should step away for a moment to take this message.
TT: He's probably right, I'm distracted by too much bullshit at once lately.
GG: Who's right?
TT: Me.
TT: Jane, I'm going to leave you with the responder for a little while.
TT: Maybe he can help you get started. Think you can handle that, dude?
TT: I'm all about being able to handle that, you don't even know.
TT: I will perform an acrobatic pirouette on to the handle, wherein the handle literally represents my ability to handle that thing.
TT: Ok, got it. You and the handle are tight.
TT: We don't need a whole thing about this.
TT: Once I stick the landing on the handle like a champ, I am going to get down on one knee, pull out a ring, and propose to it.
TT: The handle I mean.
TT: Ok.
TT: Implying we will be married.
GG: :B
TT: Ok, long story short, you and the handle fuck gratuitously. Nuff said.
TT: Try not to say I never gave you any responsibilities, or never took you seriously as a viable conscious being with free will.
TT: Also, please try not to make me regret this.
TT: You have nothing to worry about. Go talk to the alien.
timaeusTestified [TT] ceased pestering gutsyGumshoe [GG]

> Dirk: Talk to alien.