GG: Say, Jake?
GG: Not to cast doubt on your feelings, but are you quite sure all of Dirk's actions have been for the sake of courtship?
GT: Um...
GG: You did say his robot was prone to assailing you, did you not?
GG: Is that really an affectionate gesture?
GT: Well...
GT: He basically sent me that thing as kind of a sparring partner.
GT: Like to wrestle with.
GT: And i love to wrestle!
GG: Oh.
GT: And yeah i guess he programmed it to be a bit overzealous but i mean what do you expect from the guy.
GT: I think its his way of training me to become tougher.
GT: Which sometimes is annoying and sometimes when i walk through the jungle im sweating bullets wondering if its going to pounce on me outta nowhere.
GT: But theres actually something kind of exciting about that its like every day is more of an adventure.
GT: And truthfully its probably working i probably AM getting better at being in scrums.
GG: Yeah.
GG: I guess you're right.
GT: And his responder which i guess is really a part of his personality even if he doesnt like to say so...
GT: It kind of lets on a lot more than dirk ever would. Its almost like its this weird clone of himself playing passive aggressive matchmaker between me and his real self.
GG: Yeah.
GG: I can see how such a complicated relationship could keep you preoccupied.
GG: I guess I can't blame you.
GG: Maybe you should just...
GG: I don't know.
GT: What?
GG: Maybe you should just go for it.
GG: Hell, why not.
GG: Just tell him you know how he feels and that you're open to the idea?

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