[A6I2] ==>

DAVE: oh ok there it goes
DAVE: two hot revitalizing cups of shitty coffee
DAVE: fresh out of the weird pod
DAVE: why do we even drink this shit
DAVE: i guess just cause this thing is here
DAVE: like somehow the temptation is even stronger because the coffee sucks?
DAVE: dunno how the fuck that works
DAVE: wish there was such a thing as apple juice on troll world
DAVE: could go for a bottle of aj
DAVE: i wonder if theres any booze squirreled away on this meteor
DAVE: kinda feels like we should be drinking our asses off here
DAVE: no adults nothing to do
DAVE: thats what you do without adults right
DAVE: get wasted all the time?
DAVE: wait what the fuck am i saying trolls dont even have adults
DAVE: well they do
DAVE: but theyre all in outer space being insane badasses
DAVE: i guess they do have the stupid nanny monsters
DAVE: do the monsters give a shit if they get wasted
ROSE: Are you talking to us?
DAVE: what
ROSE: We can't even hear you mumbling over there.
DAVE: oh
ROSE: How's that coffee coming?
DAVE: off the shit is how
DAVE: all being like
DAVE: in cups and everything
ROSE: Be sure it makes it to the table before it accumulates that strange unctuous film on the surface.

> [A6I2] ==>