[A6I2] ==>

ROSE: While most landed in time periods corresponding with the original group,
ROSE: It seems that two of the new players arrived four centuries ahead of everyone else.
ROSE: For some bizarre reason.
DAVE: uh
ROSE: But they're still apparently able to communicate with their coplayers through I guess some Trollian-like technology, and they're still able to establish game connections with the others. So this stands as an odd but not otherwise terribly significant detail.
DAVE: so
DAVE: uh
DAVE: in this alt universe group of us and
DAVE: them
DAVE: which ones are the actual players
ROSE: I'll give you a hint.
ROSE: It isn't us.
DAVE: fuck
DAVE: why did i know that was gonna be the answer
ROSE: And to think that usually I'm the one accused of knowing the future.
DAVE: i dunno if im ready to process the ramifications of this bullshit

> [A6I2] ==>