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arachnidsGrip [AG] began trolling gallowsCalibrator [GC]

AG: Hahahahahahahaha!
AG: Aaaaaaaa haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaa haaa........ man, fuck this.
AG: It's a real pain in the ass typing out long victorious laughs with only one hand, you know?
AG: Gonna have to patch this thing up somehow. May8e I'll pay a visit to my neigh8or a little l8er.
AG: Getting my arm fixed nearly ought to 8e worth enduring the stench. Aw yeah. Sick 8urn from outta nowhere. Take that, Zahhak.
AG: Haha! NEIGH8or. I can't 8elieve I only thought of that now! I 8et he'll get kick out of that.
AG: I 8et you even more he won't laugh though. What a 8oring piece of shit.
AG: I know YOU would think it's funny though. Right Terezi?
AG: Man, I sure am glad this little feud of ours is 8asically over. We're totally even!
AG: Now we can just go 8ack to 8eing friends, and things will 8e gr8.
AG: Hmmmmmmmm........
AG: Hahahaha! You won't 8elieve this, 8ut it only occurred to me now that you won't even 8e a8le to read this!
AG: Even if you do somehow manage to stum8le 8ack to your hive........ you're 8lind now! Whoooooooops.
AG: It would 8e a real shame if we couldn't 8ury the hatchet and 8e gr8 friends again 8ecause of a stupid 8ullshit reason like that.

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