uranianUmbra [UU] began cheering gutsyGumshoe [GG]

UU: hUzzah! yoU did it! ^u^
GG: Oh, hello.
GG: Did what, exactly?
UU: made it to locah! yoUr own personal planet inside the game, tailored to yoUr personal qUest.
UU: i've observed yoU here before, of coUrse. bUt this is the first time i've contacted yoU here.
UU: better to keep things on the Up and Up vis a vis oUr mUtUal linearity, no?
GG: Sure.
UU: sUre? :u
GG: Yes. Sorry. I'm still feeling a little overwhelmed by what just happened.
GG: A giant pit seems to have swollen my house whole! My dad is missing too. I think I should try to find him as soon as possible.
UU: i Understand.
UU: pardon my grUmpy demeanoUr. i jUst had a nap and did not sleep well.
GG: Ha ha, you call this grumpy?
UU: wasn't i being? :u
GG: Not exactly!
UU: well good! i do my best.
UU: really, as if my dreadfUl nap were not bad enoUgh, i woke Up to find my coplayer has made a terrible mess in here.
UU: bUt the good news is he has at least agreed to play with me once and for all. some people make nothing easy.
GG: That's good.
GG: But wait...
GG: I thought you said you've never met him?
UU: Um.
UU: i haven't!
UU: not in person.
GG: Then how did he make a mess in there?
GG: Did he break into your room while you were asleep?
UU: oh, yes, well, hmm.
UU: the thing with that is this.
UU: the thing with that is that we shoUld talk aboUt something else!
GG: Huh?
UU: why mUst yoU be sUch the vigilant gUmshoe, jane?
UU: always with the gUmshooery. pitch that pUzzlesavvy toward the conUndra littered aboUt yoUr planet!
UU: i'm becoming grUmpy again. do forgive me.
UU: what do yoU think of the place by the by?
GG: Uh...
UU: yoUr new home!
GG: Oh.
GG: It's rather desolate. Pretty eerie, actually.
GG: I haven't run into anyone at all. I think I might be alone here?
UU: yes isn't it great?
GG: The balloons are nice, I suppose.
UU: reminds me mUch of home. so peacefUl, so mUch space to yoUrself and time to think.
UU: yoU're so lUcky. i can't wait to get to my planet!
GG: Yes. But what about your brother?
UU: right, that.
UU: aboUt that.
UU: got to rUn! Ta, kisses, all that stUff!!! u3u
GG: Hey!
uranianUmbra [UU] ceased cheering gutsyGumshoe [GG]

[Close tab and continue playing game in original tab.]