tipsyGnostalgic [TG] began pestering gutsyGumshoe [GG]
TG: jcrocks
TG: urgent cornespondence 4 profeffor bffsy over
GG: Roxy!
GG: You won't believe where I am right now.
TG: betch u i will
GG: Ok, maybe you will.
GG: But I'm in the game finally! It's considerably more outlandish than I was expecting.
TG: what were u spectin
TG: for mangic not 2 be real or something
TG: lol what a dope
GG: No, I was thinking...
GG: Well, I don't know. Something more like...
TG: wow k shoosh
TG: jane i actuatly dont have any time
TG: i have literally like 1 minute
TG: i only wanted to ask one thing
TG: did you talk to jake
TG: about u know
TG: do i even NEED to wonk??
GG: THAT'S why you're contacting me???
TG: ys
TG: hry
GG: Roxy, please, I don't think you understand.
GG: There are MYSTERIES here.
TG: thas cool so howd it go with jake
GG: Groan.
TG: did doc crock prantice her love medizine on THE ENGLISH PATIENT ;) <3<3,4
GG: Hardly.
GG: If you really want to know, I completely blew it with him forever. Satisfied?
TG: aw wahat that FUCK
GG: He asked me if I liked him, and in the heat of the moment I panicked and said no.
GG: And then he went on this whole thing about Dirk, and...
GG: That's that.
GG: Can we drop it now?
TG: uuuuuuuuuuuuuururreggghhgh
TG: jane this is totals the shittiest love report i ever heard
GG: It's not a "love report!" Will you stop it?
TG: jane im pissed
TG: i am so pipsed about this i want to just go there and smack ur ass
TG: u HAD him and oh jane siiiign
TG: the ONLY reason i got 2 cut short on ripping you a new one ofer this debacle is the fact that everything is literally on fire right now
GG: What? There's a fire?
TG: no jane theres a fire when youg go camping and pack marshmalmows while smiling like an asshole
TG: the whole neighborhoof is burning down
TG: by which i mean lilerally every single fuckin builbing
TG: gtg
GG: Oh, gosh.
GG: Please be careful!
TG: stil just
TG: SM f'n H about this jake thang
TG: uuurrrrgh
GG: :(
tipsyGnostalgic [TG] ceased pestering gutsyGumshoe [GG]

[Close tab and continue playing game in original tab.]