golgothasTerror [GT] began pestering gutsyGumshoe [GG]
GT: Ahoy!
GT: Jane? Yoo hoo.
GT: No dice?
GT: Okey doke then i just wanted to see what was up with you.
GT: I figured you must be starting up the game by now? Cant wait to get the scoop!
GT: I just had a lets say encounter with dirks dumb robot and well its over now lets just leave it at that.
GT: Headed into the ruins now to seal the deal with this rabbit malarkey finally. Then i can join you!
GT: Not a moment too soon probably. I think this volcano is about to blow?
GT: Its making me mighty nervous im not going to lie.
GT: The grounds been shaking and everything.
GT: Wup!
GT: There it goes again aw frig this is a big one.
GT: Ohhhh shit.
golgothasTerror's [GT] skull helmet computer ceased operating due to a severe blow to the head.
GG: Jake! Wait!
GG: Oh no.

[Close tab and continue playing game in original tab.]