GT: Fuck yes the sbahj films RULE.
GT: Screw the haters! Thats what i say.
TT: You also say that about Weekend at Bernies.
GT: Man that is a scandalous mischaracterization. Nobody hates weekend at bernies!
GT: The WAB films are generally regarded as so unremarkably mediocre they dont even attract any trolls who care enough to shit on it. Believe me ive tried to get in debates with people about it!
TT: Yeah, you pretty much touche'd the fuck out of that.
TT: But we are definitely in agreement about my bro's films as the masterstrokes they were.
TT: He just kept cranking them out, too. He really stepped up production after 11/11/11, even though the cat was finally out of the bag. He was very dedicated to his craft.
GT: Dang i can hardly wait to see them!
TT: Yeah. I wouldn't hold your breath about that.
GT: Why not?
TT: Man, fuck it. I'll just send you them.
GT: !!!!!!!!!
TT: Just keep a lid on them. We don't need any weird causality shit rearing its head here. That would be dumb.
GT: I will guard each glistening compression artifact with my life, as if a jewel pilfered from a tomb.
TT: Which was the last you saw?
GT: Well there was sbahj the movovie and sbahj the the film...
GT: Oh yeah and sbahaj the movle. I think sbahj the moive is still in production right?
GT: But honestly i get confused about which particular misspelling is attributed to which film or even if im getting the misspellings right.
TT: The key to sorting it all out is to understand it doesn't actually matter.
TT: Through video streaming services he would frequently set it up so that buying a certain title would ship you the wrong film.
TT: And often titles for movies were available for sale that just straight up didn't exist. Or would be sold for dollar amounts that made no sense, like $2.890.1. And sometimes buying a download would actually deposit money into your account instead of deducting from it.
TT: It was all part of the "experience."

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