TT: Ok.
TT: I will disregard your anomalous observation for now and continue conversing as if it never happened.
GT: Right. Good plan.
GT: Um.
GT: Anyhoo thats a heck of a tragic and thrilling tale dirk.
GT: I am still totally cockeyed and catawampus about it all i dont even know what to think.
TT: But you believe me, right?
GT: Oh yeah every word of it!
TT: Wow.
GT: Why shouldnt i? You are my friend and i trust you.
TT: I still just think it's impressive, is all. Even after all this time. You are pretty much a one of a kind dude.
GT: Heh not really i just like believing stuff and believing in people.
GT: Wait what do you mean?
TT: About what?
GT: When you said after all this time?
GT: You just told me now!
TT: Yes.
GT: Hang on.
GT: Blarg! The deja vuey shit is happening again!!!
GT: Okay i am SURE weve had this conversation before so many things are familiar.
GT: I remember you saying the one of a kind dude thing and i remember saying the word catawampus and...
GT: All of it!
GT: Whats going on?
TT: Took you long enough to figure it out.
TT: Pages really are a slow burning class. Damn.
GT: Figure what out!
TT: You're asleep.
GT: Oh.
GT: Thats right. I fell off the platform thing and i guess i got knocked out?
TT: Yep.
GT: So im dreaming.
TT: Kinda.
TT: It's a dream bubble.
GT: Whats that?
TT: A place in the infinite abyss where sleeping people can share dreams with each other while revisiting memories.
TT: Also where they can meet dead people.
GT: So we are sharing a dream together?
GT: And youre currently asleep too? Uh. Currently in the future?
TT: No.
TT: Even if I was, I wouldn't visit a dream bubble. That only happens when your dream self is dead, like yours is.
TT: Mine is not.
GT: Hm. I guess i understand?
GT: So whats the deal then? Wait.
GT: You said this is where they meet dead people too...
GT: Shit! Dirk are you dead? Are you a ghost!?
TT: No, dude. Chill. I'm fine.
GT: Then what the fuck is going on! Who am i talking to?
TT: Well, who are the people you talk to when you have a regular dream?
GT: What? Uh...
TT: Like just a boring normal dream, and there's a person you're talking to. Who is that?
GT: I dont know?
TT: It's nobody. Just a projection of your own mind.
TT: Dream bubbles don't always need to be shared by dreamers or dead people. You can go to sleep and wake up in one alone, reliving an old memory.
TT: Kind of like a normal dream. Until you remember it's just a memory, which is where we are now.
GT: Okay.
GT: So.
GT: I am having like a lucid dreamy thing in a magic bubble and you are just like a figment of my imagination?
TT: Yes, basically.
GT: So im talking to myself! Thats kind of stupid!
TT: Well, yeah. But not quite.
TT: You could view me as a projection of the real Dirk within your mind, as expressed through all of your thought patterns about him.
TT: So I'm kind of a splinter of his corporeal self who happens to live in your awareness.
TT: I'm a startlingly close approximation to the real thing, for all intents and purposes.
GT: Just how startlingly close are we talking?
TT: I'm not going to give you a bogus percentage like the glasses cause that's not my shtick.
TT: But pretty damn close.
GT: Okay thats fair.
GT: But.
GT: Man.
GT: There is something that feels kind of weird about this. You being in my head... its a little messed up!
TT: What's messed up about it?
TT: You were the one who put me here, with your intimate understanding of all his mannerisms and predilections.
TT: And a splintered existence is pretty much how he rolls.
TT: This is how shit is bro.
GT: Ok im sorry for saying its messed up but...
GT: Its still a bit frustrating! Ive been trying to talk to you all day.
GT: But all i get is your pesky responder bedeviling me at every turn and your friggin robot punching me across the ocean and then throwing a weird tantrum and ripping his nuclear heart out in front of me.
GT: And if that werent enough i tumbled off the doohickey and knocked myself out and now im strolling down memory lane with your fake brain ghost!
GT: Its like you are surrounding me from all sides with imitations of yourself but never the REAL YOU!!!
GT: Cheese and fucking crackers when do i just get to talk to the actual dirk?
TT: Jake, what do you even know about someone's actual self?
TT: What makes it actual? What is "actuality?"
GT: What a horseshitty question!
GT: I dont know anything about actuality i guess but i know some philosobabble horseshit when i dadblasted hear it.
TT: I'm just saying, this isn't really your field of expertise.
TT: Dirk is the heart guy. He's the one walking the path of self, even when he doesn't know it. Like right now.
GT: But what does that mean?
GT: And how can you really be made of only my thoughts when i dont even know what youre talking about sometimes?
GT: Or when i didnt know some of the things youre telling me? Like about being in a dream bubble?
GT: How can i tell myself about that stuff through brain ghost dirk!
TT: Who says you don't know those things on some level?
GT: I dont think i do!
GT: I have no business knowing those things.
TT: Pages have a lot of untapped potential.
TT: That's practically all there is to the class, actually.
TT: But when they eventually find it, look out.
TT: And the ones who deal in hope? Shit, man.
TT: I'm scared of you already, and I'm not even real.

> ==>