GT: Are you sure you arent real?
GT: No offense but I kind of get the same smartass vibe from you as i do from the responder.
GT: Like har har i have the same basic personality as dirk but without any accountability or anything so let me just be kind of flippant and mess with this jake fellas head!
GT: You know what im saying?
TT: Yes.
TT: That's a surprisingly decent observation about me.
GT: Yeah see i think i maybe did a little TOO good of a job brain cloning you? This is way too much like talking to the REAL fake dirk.
GT: Holy cow what a dumb sentence that was.
TT: You did do a good job.
TT: A perfect job, in fact.
TT: Untapped potential, remember?
TT: I don't think one of Dirk's splinters could exist nearly as well in anyone's mind other than yours.
GT: Well thats just spiffy for me but im starting to feel somewhat like im being haunted by you now.
GT: I just want to talk to my real buddy. And by real i just mean the ORIGINAL GUY.
TT: What do you even want to say to him?
GT: Oh i dont know.
TT: It's not like you can keep any secrets from me here.
TT: I pretty much am your brain.
GT: Aaah! No dont say that its so weird.
TT: You do realize he's coming for you.
TT: Dirk. In the real world. The man has his designs.
GT: Yes. I know.
TT: Wanna talk about it?
GT: With you? No!! Thats like...
GT: Thats like talking to him about it which is like really jumping the gun i think.
TT: What better chance is there to try talking about it than with a stunt double for your hyper-aggressive suitor within the safety and privacy of your own mind?
GT: But i cant yet! I just cant.
GT: There are some feelings im not sure how to put into words yet and doing it in front of you whether youre a stunt double or brain puppet or whatever it just makes me feel uncomfortable!
TT: So there are feelings you don't want to try to put into words, even while you are dwelling entirely within the realm of your own mind?
GT: Yes.
GT: What is so hard to understand about that?
TT: What about the spider ghost?
GT: Huh?
TT: The girl you saw.
TT: When you got fucking clobbered by Dirk's robot and you passed out.
TT: You dreamed about a spider ghost alien girl.
GT: Oh yeah.
GT: What about her?
TT: You like her.
GT: Man what?
GT: Thats dumb i saw her for three seconds and she waved at me and i woke up!
TT: Yeah, and it took all of three seconds for you to fall in love with the cute spider ghost.
GT: Why do you keep calling her a ghost??
TT: Cause she's been dead for a zillion years, dude.
GT: Oh. Well.
GT: Holy shit?
TT: That won't change the fact that you like her, let's not pretend it will.
TT: You're going to make things complicated for yourself.
GT: No i wont.
TT: Yeah you will. You're too fuckin' wishy washy.
TT: Between Dirk, spider ghost, Jane...
TT: Man, poor Jane.
GT: What? What about jane?
TT: You tell me.
TT: What was even the deal with that?
GT: Our last chat ended on very pleasant and amicable terms! She was upbeat and chipper as ever. I fail to see what reason one might have to feel sorry for her.
TT: Uh, yeah. You totally read her like a book.
TT: Really handled that conversation like a champ.
GT: Wait... didnt i?
TT: Look out bitches. It's Jake "Casanova Ladyslayer" English. He's packing heat, and is frequently able to parse the literal meaning of things women say.
GT: What are you getting at!
TT: We're running out of time.
TT: She'll be here soon.
GT: Jane?!
TT: No, doofus.
TT: Spider ghost.
GT: Whoa.......
GT: Whoa ok.
GT: Where? Wait. She is??
GT: Oh fuck.
TT: Look at you. I'm telling you.
TT: Three damn seconds of ogling an alien in a blue dress, and you're completely hopeless.
TT: Stop fidgeting around like that. Your hair looks fine.
TT: Do you want me to tell you how your breath smells?
GT: Screw you!!!
GT: I am cool as SUCH a cucumber.
TT: Ok then.
GT: Uh.
GT: Why does my breath not smell ok?
TT: You're dreaming, Jake.
TT: Your breath is only a thing if your brain wants it to be.
GT: Oh okay whew.
GT: When is she coming? Why is she visiting my dreams?
TT: Soon.
TT: She's been waiting for the right time to enter. Waiting for you to snap out of the memory.
TT: Clearly the girl has the patience of a saint.
GT: Alright...
GT: Dang! Its warm in this dream bubble. How can i be sweating in a dream??
GT: Where do i keep the dream towels...
TT: Will you calm the fuck down?
TT: I'm a figment of your imagination, and you're still making me nervous.
GT: But really who is she? Whats her deal and what does she want from me?
GT: Since all this so called untapped potential in my subconscious taking the form of yet another sassy dirk clone seems to know everything would it be ok if i troubled my own brain for a few flipping answers???
TT: You should try to be more polite to me. Seeing as I am a representation of your entire mind, I have complete control over all your basic functions.
TT: I could trigger a particularly spirited bowel movement right before she gets here, so watch your step.
GT: Augh no no no im sorry im sorry dont!
TT: Just kidding, dude. Jesus.
TT: I would never make you shit your pants in front of a girl you liked, even if she does happen to be my chief competition.
TT: We Dirk splinters can be pretty Machiavellian but we do actually have some fuckin' standards.
GT: Okay. Thank you for promising to keep my trousers tidy.
TT: Anyway, she's visiting now to bring you into the loop on some things.
TT: Important details you should know about your relation to the bigger picture.
TT: The much, much bigger picture.
GT: I still dont understand how you know... or excuse me MY BRAIN knows this stuff. Because im a page? How does that make sense?
GT: And also if you know the things she will say why dont you just tell me the things?
TT: Intuition and the subconscious mind are powerful things when harnessed the right way.
TT: As for why I don't tell you, why not just let her tell you?
TT: You're the one with the damn crush on her.

> ==>