ARANEA: Ok then.
ARANEA: What's this? An illustrated story of some sort?
JAKE: Oh hey whoa!
JAKE: Lets not worry about that its nothing really. Here give me that ok?
ARANEA: Why are you getting flustered a8out this literature?
ARANEA: Is it pornographic?
ARANEA: It does not strike me as indecent at a glance. Though may8e our cultures have different standards?
JAKE: Hahaha what? No its not that at all its just...
JAKE: I dunno its just a nerdy comic i read its no big deal.
JAKE: Theres GOT to be other stuff to talk about lets see...
JAKE: Huh?
ARANEA: You know, it's not the first time I've sensed that someone felt a flushed attraction for me.
JAKE: A flushed whatsit!!
JAKE: Oh my flipping gosh...

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