JAKE: Son of a BITCH! More fancy branches.
ARANEA: This way!
JAKE: What is this realm of limitless wonder?
DIRK: Realm of limitless wonder?
DIRK: God dammit, Jake.
JAKE: (Sh!)
ARANEA: It was my planet.
JAKE: Its great. Everything is so amazing!
JAKE: Who would have thunk you could have such crackerjack adventures in your dreams that are basically REAL instead of imaginary?
JAKE: Or for that matter...
JAKE: That you could meet such neat people along the way.
DIRK: Your thoughts are wandering again, man.
JAKE: (Sh!)
DIRK: Whoa. Yeah.
DIRK: That gross mushy thought right there.
DIRK: Are you even paying attention?
JAKE: (No sh.)
DIRK: We've already been through this you hopeless rube.
DIRK: You might as well be saying it out loud to her.
DIRK: So why don't you?
JAKE: (Maybe i will wise guy!)
DIRK: I mean, she is pretty hot.
JAKE: (Yeah i know!!)
JAKE: (Now shushhhhhhhh.)
ARANEA: Jake, it wouldn't work 8etween us.
JAKE: Huh?
ARANEA: I'm dead.
JAKE: Yes. Right.
ARANEA: Perhaps if you died too.
ARANEA: Although, may8e not after too long?
ARANEA: I don't know how I would feel a8out that if you were a lot older than me.
DIRK: Man, what the fuck?
ARANEA: Although technically I am already so much "older" than you........
ARANEA: It would just 8e kind of strange if you were physically my senior 8y any significant margin, you know?
DIRK: This is a weird fucking train of thought. Can you tell her that?
JAKE: (No!)
DIRK: I'm going to make you have a seizure and get you to mime the message to her with your spastic gyrations.
DIRK: Pelvic thrusts will be my exclamation points.
JAKE: (Screw you!)
JAKE: (You heard her i totally have a shot hehehe!)
JAKE: *Cough* uh go on.
ARANEA: 8ut I wouldn't want that to happen.
JAKE: What to happen?
ARANEA: For you to die soon.
ARANEA: I want you to succeed at your quest, and to live a long and happy life!
DIRK: Man.
DIRK: I'm gonna come out and say it.
DIRK: This broad is a total snore.
JAKE: Yeah right bro did you hear that at least if i kick the bucket early there will be shall i say a silver lining wink wink nudge nudge.
JAKE: It will take the form of some spooky smooches from a smokin ghostly troll babe so shut your jealous trap!
ARANEA: ::::?
JAKE: Wait.
JAKE: Oh dear.
JAKE: How uh...
JAKE: How loud was i talking just then?
DIRK: You were pretty much yelling.
ARANEA: :::;)
JAKE: Augh!
DIRK: If I were real I would be giving you a standing ovation right now.
DIRK: 5/5 hats.
JAKE: God.
JAKE: Ok just.
JAKE: Pretend to forget that maybe?
DIRK: Not a chance.
JAKE: Not you! Her!!
ARANEA: Her? Who?
JAKE: Sigh.
JAKE: Why dont you just tell me where were going.

> ==>