Jane: Answer.

timaeusTestified [TT] began pestering gutsyGumshoe [GG]
TT: Shred it.
GG: What?
TT: you HAVE
TT: the car.
GG: Um.
TT: Now shred it.
TT: Turn it into grist.
GG: Oh!
GG: No!!
GG: I am not going to destroy my dad's car.
TT: We need grist though.
TT: I can't get any building done without more.
TT: Not to mention the fact that you're not going to be able to make any cool shit.
GG: There has to be a better way to gather up grist, though.
TT: Well, I think there are supposed to be monsters here.
TT: I haven't seen any monsters yet, have you?
GG: No, and I can't say I'm too disappointed.
TT: You should be though. Presumably they would drop grist and stuff when you kill them.
TT: Like treasure. And food products that restore your health. Or at least make you less hungry.
TT: Haven't you ever played a video game, Jane?
GG: Of course I have!
TT: That's cool. I haven't, since I am a pair of sunglasses, and communing with such simplistic software would be a trivial and hollow exercise for me.
TT: But I know loads of stuff about games. Like the fact that you gotta kill monsters if you want to make progress.
TT: If not to snatch up the bitchin' loot, at least for the levels.
GG: Levels?
TT: How are you going to get better at fightin' without killing monsters, Jane.
GG: I think I've done a fair job of scaling my echeladder without resorting to the slaughter of innocent, fictional monsters, thank you very much.
TT: Please.
TT: You've barely done any climbing at all. I'm talking about hopping more rungs than what playing a little prank on your dad or throwing your hat on the ground super hard is gonna get you.
TT: You need battle experience to make some real headway. Like Jake.
GG: I'm getting a little tired of various iterations of Dirk Strider telling me how I need to be more like Jake.
GG: I know you think Jake is neat. I know all the Dirks just ADORE Jake! I GET IT!
TT: Wow, chill out.
TT: This ain't about whatever stuff you're apparently fixin' to twist your shit in a pretzel over.
TT: You just need to get stronger, is all. Don't you think that's what your dad would want?
GG: You don't need to remind me about that. I'm suddenly having flashbacks to a few years ago when he would ambush me almost every day for a pointless round of strife.
GG: Boy does getting swatted with brooms and having cakes shoved in your face get old fast.
TT: Yeah, but in the process you got pretty handy with that fork/spoon thingy, didn't you?
GG: Well. Yes.
TT: I'm just saying, if you don't run into any monsters on this planet, I think I'm going to have to set the bunny to "sparring mode" to help you along.
GG: I am not going to spar with Lil Sebastian!!!
GG: He is too quick and deadly to fight with.
GG: And also, too adorable. :B
TT: Ok. We'll see about that.
TT: But in the meantime, we need to figure out a way to start harvesting grist.
TT: Let's forget the car. But now that you have the wallet, you can grab much bigger things.
TT: Big things have got to be worth more grist than all the picayune bullshit you keep around the house.
TT: There are some choice relics in this place. Some of it has to be worth a fortune, gristways.
GG: You could be right.
GG: I will give it a try.

> Jane: Captchalogue obelisk.