ARANEA: Ok then!
ARANEA: Has everyone settled down? Do I have everyone's attention?
MEENAH: attention huh
MEENAH: whoda thought
MEENAH: you would want any of THAT
ARANEA: Just stop. Please?
ARANEA: I know it's only 8een minutes since you died, and you pro8a8ly aren't thrilled to see me for any num8er of reasons.
ARANEA: 8ut for me it has 8een millenia! I have 8een waiting a long time to see you again, and orient you to the afterlife.
MEENAH: being a ghost isnt anyfin you need to be oriented to
MEENAH: were D-EAD who cares
ARANEA: Excuse me for looking forward to our reunion then! I guess I 8uilt it up in my mind as something special for a whole lot of nothing!
MEENAH: yeah probubbly
MEENAH: what elses new though
MEENAH: need to swimmer down girl
MEENAH: you dead
MEENAH: time to act like the fucks you give stopped existin
MEENAH: like they.....
MEENAH: disaspeared 38T
ARANEA: Then you don't care at all, is that it? My waiting here all this time to see you means nothing?
DIRK: Dude, is it just me, or is this kind of awkward.
DIRK: Why did she even drag you here.
JAKE: (Sh!)
MEENAH: i mean
MEENAH: having to wait milleniums and stuff
MEENAH: as a ghost with too much to say
MEENAH: that is nook loads of time
MEENAH: but i mean
MEENAH: we both might of lived that long
MEENAH: if we didnt up and die just now
MEENAH: or at least i woulda
MEENAH: sounds to me like boring times ahoy either fuckin way
ARANEA: ????????
ARANEA: What is even your point!
MEENAH: dunno?
MEENAH: sorry serket
MEENAH: lets hug it out later
MEENAH: aight
ARANEA: I think I have completely forgotten the su8tle art of determining whether you're 8eing sincere, through your tangled fishnet of aquatic puns and little sta8s of hostility.
MEENAH: fishnet!
MEENAH: fishnet yessss
MEENAH: you coulda just said net but you said fishnet instead <3
ARANEA: Do you think you can at least remain well mannered while I 8ring the others up to speed on some critical matters?
MEENAH: uh lets sea
ARANEA: Grrrrrrrr.
ARANEA: That's it. I'm selling off this gaudy trinket.
MEENAH: no fuck you gimme that
ARANEA: I have developed an eye for priceless treasure.
ARANEA: Do you have any idea who I grew up to 8e in the new world we made?
ARANEA: I'd wager if I put it on the 8lack market, it would fetch a fee to the tuna several 8illion 8oonies.
MEENAH: tuna tuna tuna tuna
MEENAH: i love you
MEENAH: what

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