ROSE: (I'm not sure if that's a good idea.)
ROXY: zzzzees ;)
DAVE: (why)
DAVE: (sounds good to me)
DAVE: (mayor what do you think)
DAVE: (you hear that rose)
DAVE: (the mayor thinks its an awesome idea)
DAVE: (me too buddy me too)
ROSE: (Ok, since I've clearly been outvoted on the matter, and democracy has spoken, I guess I should clarify.)
ROSE: (I'm not sure if it's actually possible.)
DAVE: (why)
ROSE: (I don't think she's ever woken up before.)
DAVE: (oh)
DAVE: (cant you throw some yarn at her)
DAVE: (that worked on me didnt it)
ROSE: (You were technically already awake.)
ROSE: (Also, I don't happen to have any yarn on me at the moment.)
ROSE: (Do you have any yarn on you, Dave?)
DAVE: (what the fuck kind of question is that)
DAVE: (i am the fucking yarn king)
DAVE: (be passin out yarn like cheap cigars)
ROSE: (Cheap cigars...?)
DAVE: (dream mom gave teen ecto birth or some shit)
DAVE: (turned out the baby was us)
DAVE: (so like)
DAVE: (handing out yarn in the waiting room)
DAVE: (like cigars you see)
DAVE: (to other serious dads from the 1950s)
DAVE: (cheap ones cause you dont wanna go fuckin broke on cigars with a baby on the way)
DAVE: (gotta be frugal rose)
DAVE: (celebrate that shit but have some damn sense about your cigar budget)
ROXY: smack snack
ROXY: zzxxx
DAVE: (but yeah i dont got any yarn)
ROSE: (I just,)
ROSE: (Don't see how you can make remarks with such frequency that are so obliviously and so generically loaded from a Freudian perspective.)
ROSE: (It's flabbergasting, really. You never miss a chance.)
ROSE: (Cigars? Describing a scenario where you are both given birth to by your teen mother, as well as playing the role of the proud father in the waiting room?)
DAVE: (oh god no stop)
ROSE: (What should I make of the fact that the phallic imagery you've selected is not only inexpensive, but is administered freely and mirthfully to other expecting fathers?)
ROSE: (Or that the object standing in for the phallic symbol is something you're proposing to throw at our mother's head!)
DAVE: (just shut the fuck up!)
DAVE: (arent you magic or something)
DAVE: (are you still magic or is your superpower now just talking a lot and wearing orange)
DAVE: (why dont you use your magics to wake her up)
DAVE: (arent you kinda curious to talk to her)
DAVE: (like find out what her deal is)
ROSE: (Yes.)
ROSE: (But I don't think I know that spell.)
DAVE: (hey what even is magic anyway)
DAVE: (like are spells real like when you do magic are you actualy doing legit spells like the dipshits in harry potter)
DAVE: (babbling up some false baloney ass latin)
ROSE: (Not really?)
DAVE: (i knew it what a load of shit that all is)
ROSE: (What?)
DAVE: (spells and shit)
ROSE: (Um. Ok?)

> ==>