JAKE: (Great scott!)
JAKE: (I have to do something.)
DIRK: Do something?
DIRK: No, man. Just sit tight, ok?
JAKE: (But thats sea hitler! Shes right there in the spooky flesh!)
JAKE: (Remember all the horrible things you said she did??)
DIRK: Yeah, but...
JAKE: (Cripes it sets my blood aboil just thinking about it.)
JAKE: (I have to stop her! Thats why im here i just figured it out. I have to do it bro!)
DIRK: No you don't. Come on, don't be an idiot.
JAKE: (Yes i do thats what you do when you go back in time and find hitler.)
JAKE: (Thats like one of the rules of adventure if you have the chance to kill hitler and stop his crimes from happening then you do it!)
JAKE: (Oh man oh man oh man...)
DIRK: You didn't go back in time, Jake. Do you even understand what's going on?
JAKE: (I gotta do something ok ok how do i do this...)
JAKE: (Aw frig no time to think here i go!!!)
DIRK: Jake.

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