TEREZI: (psst)
TEREZI: (so)
TEREZI: (wh4t 1s th3 d34l w1th you?)
TEREZI: (m1st3r br41n ph4ntom)
DIRK: The deal with me?
TEREZI: (y3s)
DIRK: I'm not sure how to answer that.
DIRK: What's the deal with you?
TEREZI: (uh)
DIRK: How are those horns working out for you?
DIRK: And also the fact that you're an alien? What's up with that?
TEREZI: (>:?)
DIRK: Exactly.
TEREZI: (should 1 t3ll p3opl3 4bout you or...)
DIRK: You didn't see nothin'.
TEREZI: (y3s)
TEREZI: (th4t 1s tru3)

> ==>