Jake: Answer.

uranianUmbra [UU] began cheering golgothasTerror [GT]

UU: jake, i don't have long to talk so i shall leave this note to yoU while yoU sleep and then go.
UU: i may have to begin, let Us say, bending rUles a bit more than i have?
UU: he is making things bloody impossible. oUr game is now nothing short of war. that is all i will say.
UU: well, i will also say this.
UU: i am scared oUt of my wits to go to sleep now. i don't know what will come of me.
UU: my dream self is kapUt, like yoUrs.
UU: bUt i don't fancy yoU will have troUble waking from yoUr nap.
UU: whereas i...
UU: best not to dwell on it i sUppose.
UU: i don't know what to do besides stall, and keep helping yoU as mUch as i can.
UU: now is the time to retrieve those weapons from the capsUle and prepare the gift!
UU: this is so important. the chain will not be complete Unless the delivery is made.
UU: bUt first yoU may want to test its capabilities.
UU: in particUlar... what are they called?
UU: the infinitesimalizer and monstrositifier?
UU: there sUre are some fUnny names for things strewn aboUt yoUr tale.
UU: remember, green means grow, red means shrink! bUt sUrely yoU know this.
UU: give it a go. perhaps try targeting that Unwieldy edifice stashed away in yoUr sylladex? coUld free Up some space!
UU: bUt remember to hold on to it. it remains as important as ever.
UU: i'll be sodding off then.
UU: so mUch to do, so little time. u_u
uranianUmbra [UU] ceased cheering golgothasTerror [GT]

> Jake: Examine time capsule.