Jane: Answer client shades.

timaeusTestified [TT] began pestering gutsyGumshoe [GG]
TT: Hold up.
TT: Before you go any further, there's been a change of plan.
GG: Really?
TT: Well, not a change of plan so much as an acceleration.
TT: Everyone needs to get into the game sooner than expected. There is a new unaccounted for variable.
TT: Particularly for Roxy and Dirk.
GG: What is it?
TT: They are probably going to die if they don't join the game very soon.
GG: Shucks!!!!!
TT: Hey, I'm upset about it too, but let's watch the fucking language.
GG: Ok, what do I do?
TT: Install the server. I downloaded it to your computer along with a few other crucial system upgrades when we established our connection.
GG: Upgrades? What upgrades?
GG: Wait, is that how this stupid "Delirious Biznasty" application got on here?
TT: No comment.
TT: Install and run the server.
TT: You will be connecting with Roxy. I will have Jake connect with Dirk. Setting up the chain like this will be important.
GG: Why?
TT: It seems that I again have no comment.
GG: Sheesh.
GG: Very well then, Mister Zipperlips.
TT: I don't have lips. You just said something laughably illogical.
TT: How typical of someone who isn't a fashion accessory of immeasurable intelligence.
GG: Whatever! Let's curtail the horseplay this once while I help Roxy.
GG: Ok. I installed it. Now what? Should I run it?
TT: Yes. That copy is programmed to connect automatically with the client she's running.
GG: Okey dokey. Doing that now.
GG: Hey, I can see her room! :B

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