GG: That's a really nice room there.
GG: But where is she?
GG: Hah, her drink is still there. So she can't have gone far.
TT: Oh snap.
GG: I don't see her anywhere in the rest of the house.
GG: I see plenty of plush wizards and window gizmos, and... pumpkins? Really, Roxy?
GG: What an unusual house design. Are all homes in the future like this?
TT: You mean the ones that aren't under water? Yes. They are all almost exactly like that.
GG: I just tried messaging her. But no response.
TT: I'm sure she's out cruising the hood, probably messin' with the locals.
TT: Maybe attempting some ill advised drunken heroics.
TT: Pretty tight numerical probability of that, I just decided with unfeeling precision.
GG: She said things were on fire when we last talked?
GG: Actually, she said the whole neighborhood was burning down, if I recall.
GG: But judging by the view from her window, it looks lovely outside.
GG: What exactly is the danger I am saving her from here?
TT: Zoom out.
TT: Way out.

> Jane: Zoom out.