Jake: Transportalize.

GT: Whoa what is THIS place?
GT: Things sure are a rumblin here in this enchanted purple palace.
GT: I cant believe i never found those hidden transport pads under the thing.
TT: Dude, I could have told you they were there.
GT: How did you know about them?
TT: I didn't.
TT: But it's like platformer gaming 101. You look everywhere for secret passages and power-ups and shit.
TT: Elevators are especially fucking suspicious.
TT: You go down an elevator, you wait for the elevator to go back up, you take a peek at what's underneath.
TT: Maybe it's just death spikes. Or maybe you hit warp zone paydirt.
GT: You are so wise. I will never be as elite of a game bro as you.
TT: I'm not a Game Bro. I just know literally everything about basically all subjects.
TT: Now go back where you came from. Dirk might need help.
GT: Will you untwist your virtual knickers. I have everything under control.
GT: I think this may be where my grandma used to go during some of her expeditions.
GT: You dont just pass up the chance for an adventure like this!
TT: Yes, Jake. You do.
TT: How much deeper down the damn bunny hole do you need to go? There is no White Rabbit waiting for you here.
GT: We will just see about THAT.
GT: Besides i have my skulltop with me so i can swoop in to assist dirk at any time!
TT: This is an atrocious idea.

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