Roxy: Answer UU.

uranianUmbra [UU] began cheering tipsyGnostalgic [TG]
UU: miss lalonde, do be carefUl.
UU: i can see that yoU are preoccUpied with aggressors at the moment.
UU: bUt yoUr viewport is beginning to black oUt more freqUently.
UU: i wanted to talk to yoU one last time before yoU enter, and yoUr whole session blacks oUt for good.
UU: and before...
UU: well, before i possibly do the same. U_U;
UU: please reply when yoU have the chance.
TG: hi
TG: whats this
TG: about u blacking out for good?
TG: * blapck
TG: * wait no n/m
UU: ah, hello!
UU: escaped troUble, i presUme? how are yoU doing?
TG: i feel kind of like shit but other than that im toters perf
TG: im starting to wonderd if drinkin early today wasnt that coolest idea??
TG: now i have all these responsibitities while my brain is tellin me to go fuck myelf
TG: *self
TG: aint wanna fuck no elf
TG: not in this condition at least
TG: i would probs need some hella strong coffee b4 boning a elf
UU: i am sorry to hear yoU're feeling Under the weather.
UU: bUt now i am wondering. hm.
UU: coUld it have been that regUlar intake of yoUr soporific liqUids was inhibiting yoUr commUnion with the void, rather than exaggerating them as i had presUmed?
UU: if the effects are wearing off, it coUld explain the increase in viewport blackoUts.
UU: and once they wear off completely, perhaps that is why yoUr entire session goes dark on yoUr entry.
TG: that is an interesting theory that has like
TG: mostly no usefull bearing on anything probably?
UU: yoU are probably right. still, i can't help bUt specUlate on sUch matters. it is what i do. :u
TG: yeah
TG: i think i was being a dick byut im not sure? sorry
TG: glarghgle
TG: i am sure feeling liek
TG: a gross bunch of nasty trash in a scarf
TG: all taking my surly shit out
TG: on nice and cute aliems
UU: oh, not to worry. ^u^
TG: heyy
TG: you know everything right
UU: hee hee! if only.
TG: k well
TG: what is with the looming strandy crap in the sky
TG: the miles> glasses called em that
TG: i know i got to escape them
TG: but what are they actually gonna do?

> ==>