UU: i don't Understand.
UU: yoU are typing some sort of compUter program?
TG: no
TG: that was all mostly a huge load
TG: all that noisy keyboard bangin i just mentioned
TG: was me just typing all that shit i said 2 u
TG: lol i did type it superfast tho
TG: just like they do in dumb fake movies about primo hackers who r THA BEST
TG: i guess i hacked into our conversation? w/ bs nstead of codez
UU: ^u^;
TG: but for real
TG: im just drag & dropin some game shit in to jakes place
TG: it is easy as a butt
TG: this kiddie game is a waste of my baller expertise
TG: * sexpertities
TG: / obligatory
TG: hey look
TG: a 'totem lathe'
TG: kay w/e
TG: down it goes
TG: in that patch off dirt i guess
TG: daaang
TG: fits on that patch o dirt like
TG: a glass shitting slipper
UU: ah, i Understand. yoU're beginning then. good!
TG: yes im on a roll
TG: gettin my peeps outie
TG: splitting the ball b4 junk turns 2 pumpkins
TG: soooooooooo
TG: what were you going to give me back there? ;D
UU: right!
UU: it's a present i made for yoU.
TG: ooh!
UU: it coUld be...
UU: a farewell gift actUally.
TG: huh?
TG: are u leaving
UU: maybe.
UU: i am aboUt to go to sleep one last time before oUr schedUled entry.
UU: and there is a very real possibility that i will never wake Up.
TG: oh no!
TG: why!!!
UU: it is complicated.
UU: there is mUch to say aboUt it which i have never told yoU, dUe to my adherence to the rUles.
UU: some of which i am aboUt to break now, in order to give myself a fighting chance.
UU: bUt before i go down that serpentine path with yoU, here.
UU: one last bit of artwork from an admirer. something to remember me by, shoUld we never speak again.
UU: http://tinyurl.com/roxyisthisyoU
TG: !!!!!
TG: ssdlkjfs;lkfjdlskfj

> ==>