TG: ohhhly SHIT
TG: *hooooooly
TG: holiest of shits
TG: the shit.....
TG: is down right
TG: omgogmogmomog
TG: this owns
TG: my bones
UU: ^U^
TG: look at my outfit
TG: want 2 wear that outfit
TG: want 2 kiss + marry that outfist
TG: look
TG: at that lollipop
TG: that fuckin LOLLIPOP
TG: hehhe look at me goin in 4 a lick
TG: like im the queen of fuckall yall
TG: what is that in my hair
TG: is that
UU: indeed it is!
TG: say helloes to new phone wallpp
TG: sry baby eatin jake husband u r out
TG: yes perfection
TG: more like
TG: perferection
TG: is what is givin me
TG: am getting the perfbonerz up in here
UU: i really enjoy drawing yoU. it is a treat.
UU: yoU are jUst so pretty. :u
TG: awwwwwwwwww
TG: <3<3<#<#<##
TG: hearts n hashes
UU: anyway, i am very pleased that yoU like my drawing. ~u~
TG: i love it
TG: i love U
TG: U x2 combot
UU: yoU do?
UU: really??
TG: yes
TG: fo rillies
UU: :U
UU: blimey.
UU: this comes as qUite a sUrprise.
TG: well i mean
TG: not like lets got get space married love
TG: more like ur the best and i like you a lot love
UU: oh.
UU: then the conciliatory type. i Understand.
TG: wait
TG: i didnt mean to jerk you around...
TG: did u feel that way about me
TG: aww shit im sorry :(
UU: no! don't be.
UU: trUst me, that is not how i feel aboUt yoU. or anyone.
UU: thoUgh i trUly wish i were capable of those feelings.
UU: perhaps the fact that i am not is why the topic fascinates me so.
UU: and why i have been prone do indUlge in sUch...
UU: fancifUl visUalizations.
UU: of yoUr people's lovely bright red relationships.
UU: they mUst be nice. u_u
TG: lol well its not like i would know either way
TG: but thats cool i didnt know that about you
TG: i dont know ANYTHING about u but i wish i did
TG: cant you at least tell me your name bfore you uh
TG: maybe go ways 4 ever? ;(
UU: yes, as a matter of fact.
UU: that is actUally the reason i am contacting yoU.
UU: it is one rUle i have decided to break.
TG: oh fuck!
TG: what is it!!!!!!!
UU: my name is calliope.
TG: :o
TG: .....
TG: ilike it :3
UU: it feels so strange to type that!
UU: bUt also good, actUally.

> ==>