DIRK: Hey. You're kind of breathing down my neck there.
TEREZI: (wh4t?)
TEREZI: (no 1m not)
DIRK: Yes you are.
DIRK: Are you sniffing me?
TEREZI: (no)
DIRK: It sounds like you're sniffing me.
DIRK: Do you really have to stand so close?
TEREZI: (wh4t 4r3 you t4lk1ng 4bout)
DIRK: You just inched a little closer. Just now.
TEREZI: (no th1s 1s f1n3)
TEREZI: (1 4m tot4lly r3sp3ct1ng your p3rson4l bound4r13s)
DIRK: Ok, you just took a big fucking sniff.
DIRK: Cut that out.
TEREZI: (no!)
DIRK: Wait.
DIRK: Shut up.
DIRK: Ok, something's happening.
TEREZI: (>:?)
DIRK: I feel weird.

> ==>