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JADE: whaaat
JADE: but you love this movie!
JOHN: yeah, i know.
JOHN: i mean... i thought i did.
JOHN: it's been kind of a long time since i last saw it. i really remember it being a lot better than this!
JOHN: but now everything just seems so cheesy and stupid.
JADE: but you were making such a big deal about finally getting me to watch it with you on your birthday!
JADE: you were going on and on about how i wouldnt be disappointed... but now youre saying you dont like it?
JOHN: i don't know. i'm trying to like it. i WANT to like it.
JOHN: i want to feel the same magic that was there all the other times i watched it.
JOHN: but i can't, because...
JOHN: it's just...
JOHN: not...
JOHN: good. :(
JADE: really?
JADE: i was actually kind of enjoying it!
JADE: its very silly
JADE: i really dont think its the kind of movie youre supposed to take all that seriously john
JOHN: but i DID take it seriously!!!
JOHN: i guess maybe that's kind of the point.
JOHN: i always thought all this hokey bullshit was legitimately awesome and compelling.
JOHN: what was i even thinking!
JADE: i dunno....
JADE: but people can change their minds about things
JADE: i think youre allowed to change your mind about a silly movie
JADE: i used to LOVE the squiddles show when i was really young
JADE: but as i got older i started to realize it wasnt as great as i thought it was
JADE: i was just too young to see how it was actually a flagrant vehicle for selling merchandise
JADE: and if you believed the conspiracy theorists it might have even been pushing some other dark hidden agendas.....
JADE: so i stopped liking the show itself as much but that didnt change the fact that i had a lot of fond memories about it
JADE: i still loved all the cute characters and could enjoy it on a nostalgic level
JOHN: well, maybe later i'll be able to rekindle some nostalgic feelings about it.
JOHN: but right now, i just feel like a dope for talking this up so hard.
JADE: what is even the problem with it?
JADE: ive just been watching this and thinking, yup, i can see why john was so obsessed with this movie...
JADE: its funny!
JOHN: it's just non stop terrible action movie cliches!

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