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JOHN: god damn dave sprite.
JOHN: that guy molts like it's going out of style.
JADE: oh...
JADE: heh
JADE: yeah
JOHN: where is he anyway?
JOHN: i specifically told dave sprite several times when my party would start, because i knew he would do this.
JOHN: he's already missed half the movie!
JADE: why do you always call him dave sprite?
JOHN: um... because that's his name?
JOHN: dave sprite.
JADE: no, i mean why do you always say it like that? with the space between words?
JADE: its not dave sprite, its just davesprite
JOHN: what ever.
JOHN: i can't believe he's standing me up on my birthday.
JOHN: maybe he doesn't want to hang out with jaspers?
JOHN: jaspers, i hope you're not going to start chasing him around again when he gets here.
JOHN: dude, shut up.
JADE: yeah.... john
JADE: i dont think davesprite is coming tonight

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