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JOHN: when did that happen?
JADE: a couple days ago
JOHN: no. no way.
JOHN: i cannot accept this!
JADE: john its ok you dont have t...
JOHN: you and dave sprite were like the glue holding everything together on this miserable road trip!
JADE: we were?
JOHN: yes, jade.
JOHN: you were our rock.
JADE: your rock??
JADE: what are you talking about?
JOHN: come on, jade.
JOHN: you and dave sprite were like... an INSTITUTION on this stupid golden battleship.
JADE: we were not an institution!
JADE: you are just saying meaningless things now
JOHN: why did he break up with you?!
JADE: um...
JADE: its complicated
JADE: basically hes just going through a lot of stuff right now
JOHN: stuff??
JOHN: what stuff.
JOHN: jade, we are all going through stuff. you don't see me flying off the handle and breaking up with MY girlfriend.
JADE: do uh...
JADE: you have a girlfriend?
JOHN: that is not the point.
JOHN: the point is that dave sprite is a douche.
JADE: i dont think hes a douche, hes just...
JOHN: no, he's an orange feathery douche.

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