[A6I3] ==>

JOHN: oh he's THERE alright.
JOHN: he's probably just using some sprite magic so only i can see him.
JOHN: don't you see, jade? he's antagonizing ME PERSONALLY, not you. he's done with you, remember?
JOHN: he already used you like a rented mule, and now he is moving on to greener pastures.
JADE: what pastures
JOHN: it's me.
JOHN: I'M the pastures.
JOHN: and now his mule is grazing all over them, while he has a good laugh.
JADE: what
JADE: wasnt i supposed to be the mule?
JADE: i dont think i understand your analogy
JOHN: no, you see, it's...
JOHN: the mule represented, like...
JOHN: i don't know, like the spirit animal of his douchey ways. or something.
JADE: ....

> [A6I3] ==>