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JOHN: that...
JOHN: but...
JOHN: vriska, this is a very bizarre and unsettling fact to me!
JOHN: because...
JOHN: man, i don't know, it just is!
JOHN: you say we dated for a while, but like, i don't even get to remember doing that?
JOHN: i think that's mostly what's weird about it.
VRISKA: Hey, we apparently don't get to remem8er the results of a lot of choices we didn't actually make!
VRISKA: Again, see: the 8r8ks.
JOHN: well...
JOHN: can you at least tell me what happened there? like, how did that go?
VRISKA: It was fine. For a while.
VRISKA: It didn't really work out.
JOHN: oh.
VRISKA: We crossed paths every now and then after that.
VRISKA: Things stayed pretty friendly 8etween us.
VRISKA: Until he died.
JOHN: what??
JOHN: what do you mean he died?
VRISKA: He was murdered.
JOHN: you mean... his GHOST died?
JOHN: as in, he just doesn't exist at all anymore? like DEAD dead?
VRISKA: Yes! Dead dead. For good.
JOHN: i don't... how does that even...
JOHN: who killed him???
JOHN: was it jack?
VRISKA: Jack? Are you kidding? No, John.
VRISKA: Jack is 8arely in the picture as a threat anymore. He's just more old news.
JOHN: he is not old news though!
JOHN: he's still as strong and menacing as ever.
JOHN: i just had an awesome battle with him in this very dream bubble!
VRISKA: You did?
JOHN: yeah. i found him skulking around a memory of my dead dad, and i got pissed off, so i really let him have it.
JOHN: oh, i even used the cool hammer you helped me make. remember that?
VRISKA: Oh yeah!
VRISKA: Those were good times, when I helped you 8e gr8. ::::)
JOHN: yes.
JOHN: the last time i faced him was kind of embarrassing. i let him get the drop on me, and he just stabbed me right away.
JOHN: but this time i think i held my own pretty well. i even got in one good hit against him!
JOHN: i gave him a solid bop on the head, and the dice roll made him wear a silly hat.
VRISKA: That's awesome!!!!!!!!
VRISKA: One time in an altern8te reality, I came pretty close to killing him apparently.
JOHN: oh really?
VRISKA: You 8et. Too 8ad that was in a timeline that didn't really count. 8ut it's always reassuring to know you can put up a good fight against a strong adversary if you ever needed to. Now I guess you know you can too.
JOHN: i guess so!
VRISKA: What happened after you 8onked him on the head? I 8et he was mad.
JOHN: yeah, he sure was. but our fight was interrupted by like... another taller, white jack dressed in rags.
VRISKA: A white Jack?
JOHN: well, no, it wasn't actually a jack, it was someone different altogether, who just looked like him. with wings and a sword and everything.
JOHN: i think the white jack was probably a girl? i'm not sure, but that was my hunch. i didn't talk to her or anything. she looked really angry.
JOHN: anyway, he seemed scared of her, so he flew away, and she chased him.
JOHN: do you know who she was?
VRISKA: No fucking clue.
JOHN: whatever jack's doing out here in dream bubble land, he seems to have his hands full with her on his tail.
JOHN: but as you can see, he is FAR from out of the picture.
VRISKA: Ok, that may 8e, 8ut it sure wasn't Jack who killed a whole shitload of ghosts out here, including one of yours.
VRISKA: I really dou8t Jack can even kill ghosts. In fact, I don't think anyone can except for this guy.
JOHN: what guy?
VRISKA: Lord English.
JOHN: who??
VRISKA: Wow, John. Really?
VRISKA: Time to get a clue!

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