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VRISKA: The guy who's 8een fucking shit up is the 8ig 8ad himself!
VRISKA: Every time he destroys another dream 8u88le, he does a little more damage to the furthest ring, inexplica8ly shattering the essence of all-encompassing nothingness.
VRISKA: As the cracks spread across the void, new points of reference show up on our maps!
VRISKA: Then we look at the angles and intersections and all the shapes formed 8y the cracks, and compare them to our notes from the various riddles and clues we've discovered a8out the path to the treasure.
VRISKA: It's actually a little like how in old times on Alternia, pir8s used to navig8 8y shapes the stars made. Constell8tions used to have a lot of significance in our culture, not just guiding explorers on their journeys to physical destin8tions, 8ut guiding them on the choices they made in life, pertaining to f8 and all that. Not that humans would really understand anything like that.
VRISKA: I actually find the situ8tion to 8e pretty funny. This guy's ego must 8e astronomical. Classic case of unchecked hu8ris paving the way for his own downfall.
VRISKA: I didn't even need to 8uild a we8 to trap him. He just went ahead and started 8uilding his own.
VRISKA: Talk a8out a lucky 8r8k!!!!!!!!

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