[A6I3] ==>

DAVE: (pshh psh bumBUM)
DAVE: (pshh psh bumBUM BUM psh)
DAVE: (yeah)
DAVE: (uh huh)
DAVE: (no wait)
DAVE: (more like...)
DAVE: (uh)
DAVE: (pshh psh chch bumBUM)
DAVE: (pshh psh chch bumBUM BUM psh)
DAVE: (yeah thats right)
DAVE: (we are droppin it)
DAVE: (lets do this)
DAVE: (we are like)
DAVE: (in tha PROCESS)
DAVE: (right now)
DAVE: (droppin it like)
DAVE: (a thanksgiving turkey)
DAVE: (tripped over something and shit just got away from me)
DAVE: (my butterballs in freefall motherfuckers)
DAVE: (look out be GOD DAMN LOW)

> [A6I3] ==>