[A6I3] ==>

DAVE: (just dropped that shit like a bad phone connection)
DAVE: (i put gravity in charge of its downward direction)
DAVE: (unfettered descents what it considers perfection)
DAVE: (shit thinks of the ground and it gets an erection)
DAVE: (best hope its carpet bound in its downward spiral)
DAVE: (cause linoleums frowned on, met with an eyeroll)
DAVE: (landin on grass is just the course that its par for)
DAVE: (but hardwood fuckin floors what its woods gettin hard for)
DAVE: (guess i should mention stead a motherfuckin hardons)
DAVE: (how my motherfuckin french could use a presidential pardon)
DAVE: (heres where obamas rap solo comes in)
DAVE: (no but how dope would that be!)
DAVE: (oh fuck me that would own)

> [A6I3] ==>