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KANAYA: Our Date
KANAYA: You Did Intend For The Plans We Made To Be A Date
KANAYA: Which Is To Say One That Was Romantically Oriented
DAVE: holy shit we got a room full of smooth operators here tonight
DAVE: yes kanaya it was going to be a romantically oriented date
ROSE: I'm so sorry aaaah..!
DAVE: but as you can see rose is hooched to the fucking max
DAVE: so i think youre better off going out another time
ROSE: I said I swas stilt up for it.
ROSE: I aready, HIC, fucked up, by loshing track of time.
ROSE: I'mnot going to blow it again!!
DAVE: ugh
DAVE: you seriously still wanna go through with this
KANAYA: Im Still Amenable To An Evening Of
KANAYA: Whatever
KANAYA: Is There Some Reason Why You Would Advise Otherwise Dave
KANAYA: I Will Have To Plead Ignorance On The Subject Of Human Courtship And Its Customs When It Involves One Or More Intoxicated Participants
KANAYA: Is There A Problem
DAVE: a problem
DAVE: uh
DAVE: i dunno if youre cool with your date slurring words and making no damn sense about apples then
DAVE: i guess not???
DAVE: why are you both looking at me
DAVE: stop that
DAVE: no dont
DAVE: hey i am not your fucking life coach here
DAVE: if you want to go on a drunkdate what do i care
DAVE: man what do i even know about "human courtship" anyway
DAVE: not like i ever dated a fuckin human
DAVE: so i guess have at it
KANAYA: Alright
DAVE: awesome
DAVE: datenite with drunky it is
DAVE: go apeshit i guess
DAVE: uh so
DAVE: what should i do here
DAVE: you want me to pack up my raps and leave you alone or
ROSE: Ohn no, you don't have to do than...
ROSE: We can leaf you tou your slam poems in peace.
ROSE: Kayaya, why don't we go for a walk?
KANAYA: After You
KANAYA: If You Can Actually
KANAYA: Manage To
KANAYA: Whoa There!
KANAYA: Maintain Your Balance
KANAYA: Are You Good
KANAYA: Okay Good

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