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KANAYA: Since Its Now Clear That Your Premeditated Designs On This Evening Exceeded My Own By A Wide Margin
KANAYA: Insofar As You Intended This To Be A Date With Fancy Clothes Whereas I Showed Up Looking Like Something The Lusus Dragged In
KANAYA: Maybe You Can Tell Me Now Exactly What You Had In Mind
KANAYA: As Far As Specific Activities Are Concerned
ROSE: Noupe!
KANAYA: I Mean Nope
KANAYA: Nope What
ROSE: I honessly had not drafted blueprins for the evening.
ROSE: Assine from.,
ROSE: Gettin prettied up, aaand,
ROSE: Actually, you know... being puncutual abou my commiment.
ROSE: Wohoops.
KANAYA: Its Really Okay Though
KANAYA: I Admit I Was Irked For A Moment But Then Realized It Was So Unlike You That Extenuating Circumstances Were Most Likely In Play
KANAYA: So I Went To Find You And Lo And Behold
KANAYA: Extenuation Was What I Found To Be Taking Place
ROSE: Omg.
ROSE: Kangaya,.
ROSE: I 'm.
ROSE: Soooo extenuated righ now.
ROSE: Hic.

ROSE: Dish you hear something?
KANAYA: No Hear What
ROSE: Hum.
ROSE: Maybe yoush ould turn the lighst on...

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