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ROSE: I learned somethin earlier today.
ROSE: It was trobuling.
ROSE: Something about,
ROSE: Teresi.
ROSE: Aand,
ROSE: ...
KANAYA: And What
ROSE: And Gamshee.
ROSE: See...
ROSE: I bumped into him earliar.
KANAYA: Where??
ROSE: No no please, pleeasse don't get angry, and. ..
ROSE: Go on another vengeful clown hunting espedition, I...
ROSE: This is the point, this is was troubling me abou this.
ROSE: I don't want anyone to fight!
KANAYA: Actually
KANAYA: Theres No Need To Worry About That
KANAYA: I Think Im Done Trying To Kill Him
ROSE: You are?
KANAYA: He Has Achieved Victory Through The Gambit Of Cowards Default
KANAYA: Dont Get Me Wrong He Is Still Utterly Awful
KANAYA: But Sometimes You Just Have To Let A Thing Go
KANAYA: You Know
ROSE: Yeahhh,
KANAYA: What Were You Saying About Terezi And Gamzee
ROSE: Righ, well apparenly they..
ROSE: Are.
ROSE: An item?
ROSE: Blackways, I mean.
ROSE: The y'are spades dating. In theh shadowns... nobody knows. But me. An now,
ROSE: You.
KANAYA: Are You Serious
ROSE: Yesh!!
ROSE: And it's been troubling me, the more I thing about it.
ROSE: All lot.
ROSE: Because it presends a prickly prolitical sishuation.
ROSE: Terezi's relationship with Karkant is already somewhat tenuous, with their... well from, what I've gathered, about their hishtory.
ROSE: And Dave! His involovment makes in even more complicated, and,
ROSE: I think, with Karkat being moirails to Gamzee, if he finds out Gamzee iss spades with Tetreezi, then...
ROSE: Correct me if I'm wrong but isin't that whole arrangemen getting into territory of social taboob?
ROSE: * Tabob. Escuse me.
KANAYA: That Could Be Very Awkward Yes

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